Where have you gone Armon Binns?

I've been following daily reports from the Senior Bowl, and I'm quite disappointed to see that nothing is being said about Armon Binns.  I know there are many receivers on the team, but I really thought he'd be getting some ink.

Very little is being sadi about Armon in the daily team practice reports.  Not even mentioned in these notes on receiver and tight ends.  Is therre an injury we're not aware of?


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It was a cool, crisp yet sunny at Ladd Peebles Stadium this morning for the North practice. Our observations from today's workouts are below:
  • Jake Locker had his best showing of the week, showing good zip and touch on his passes both short, intermediate and downfield. He looks comfortable on rollouts and and connected with Niles Paul (twice) and Vincent Brown on some nice throws downfield in one on one coverage. He also looks the most comfortable of the quarterbacks throwing screen passes while under duress. Despite these improvements, his accuracy while improved still waned at times and he left you wanting to see more downfield passing in the team sessions (checks down too often).
  • I believe we may have deciphered the mystery of Ricky Stanzi. Some having been lauding his play while others such as myself not so much. The difference... the side of the field you were on. Stanzi is better going to his right than left. He gets the ball out faster and his passes are crisper and delivered with more oomph to the right side. He needs to improve his footwork so that he can use the whole field making a better step into the pass. He also should work on his reads as he has a tendency to lock onto receivers. He did go deep a few times and completed the passes, but one was short requiring the reciever to make a nice adjustment more than Stanzi making a nice throw.
  • Colin Kaepernik still shows the most desire to go downfield, and has completed some nice touch passes deep. But his throwing motion still looks akward and he'll likely be asked to make adjustments to it just as Tim Tebow has.
   Running Backs/Full Backs: (a position of emphasis today)
  • Kendell Hunter had a strong showing displaying good burst, acceleration and vision in the team sessions. He also showed his competitive spirit running through each play. He has quick feet and bounces off would be tacklers and uses his elusiveness to escape from their grasps. Hunter was excellent on the play action, really selling the run. His willingness and skill as a pass blocker was also pleasant surprise considering his small stature. 
  • DeMarco Murray is arguably the most talented back on the North roster but failed to distinguish himself today. At times he looks inexperienced as a pass blocker and looks tentative running into traffic and other times he'll make a good block on a pass rush and not be afraid of initiating contact. He is a long strider that uses his hands to fight off tacklers. In play action, Murray is no salesman and needs to sell the fake a little better.
  • Roy Helu continues to struggle. His blocking is subpar (fails to anchor) and is slow to the hole as a runner.
  • Da'Rel Scott is not the most talented back but shows tremendous effort each day. Shows power as a runner but is merely average in the speed and acceleration department.
  • Owen Marecic is a great blocker as a fullback, creating holes and sealing edges. In the passing game he pulled in a nice pass, but he bobbled a few other throws. He won't be a huge threat out of the backfield, but has improved in this regard.

Wide Reciever/Tight End:
  • While not the most physically gifted receiver, Austin Pettis has displayed a nice feel for the game this week. He is a fluid route runner, shows natural hands and competes for the football. These skills were each on display on a diving reception in the end zone today and catching numerous deep balls from Kaepernik during the 1-on-1 drill. Pettis has also served as the holder on field goal attempts to allow punter Alex Henery an opportunity to kick as well.
  • The most impressive receiver on the North continues to be Vincent Brown. He continues to have a strong week showing good burst off the line, smooth route running and strong hands. While not a burner in the speed department he has created separation consistently throughout the week.
  • Titus Young has done his best to keep up with Vincent Brown in impressing the scouts. He has shown the best ability of any receiver here to go up and get the ball at the highest point.
  • Dwayne Harris had a tremendous grab in one on one coverage vs. Richard Sherman that left an impressed Sherman uttering "Oh my God!" and another great grab on an underthrown ball by Stanzi. Unfortunately, he showed lapses in concentration at other times with at least two drops as well.
  • Dane Sanzenbacher shows some surprisingly crispness on his route running and was able to get open numerous times during the 1-on-1 drill including catching a deep ball from Stanzi.
  • Tight end Lee Smith made a nice catch but looked more like a tackle running with the ball than a receiver. His blocking ability is excellent though and teams looking for a blocking tight end will be taking a close look at Smith.  Some in the draft community even believe he has potential as a developmental tackle.
  • Lance Kendricks dropped a catchable pass, and it looked like he wanted to catch it with his body a tendency we had noticed evaluating his tape prior to the week.

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