The Cincinnati Bearcats Versus The Connecticut Huskies | Senior Day Links

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Connecticut at Cincinnati // CFN

The Bearcats, while certainly not potent with the ball, appear to have found a formula for modest success in the aftermath of Collaros’ injury. Legaux is three games older than he was at the beginning of November, and Luallen is a wild card who’ll keep the Connecticut staff guessing. The duo, plus the running of Pead, will get Cincy over the hump in a hard-fought game.

Know Your Opponent: Connecticut Huskies // Bearcats Blog
I completely neglected special teams in my preview of the Huskies. Scott did not so check it out

Senior O-Linemen Reflect on Careers // Bearcat Lair
The three senior offensive linemen (Randy Martinez, Evan Davis and Alex Hoffman) spent a few minutes after Wednesday’s practice to reflect on the careers in a Q & A.

Honoring the Seniors // Bearcats Blog

J.K. Schaffer is Ready for His Final Game at Nippert Stadium // Bearcats Nation
Oh Chris you are delightful

Ranking Isaiah Pead's Top Moments // Paul Dehner
This is outstanding work from Mr Dehner. I don't mind at all that he is padding my youtube stats.

UConn Football: Huskies Have Work Cut Out Against Bearcats //

"The deck is really stacked against us, that's for sure," UConn coach Paul Pasqualoni said. "I don't know how you prepare for it other than you just try to prepare each day of the week the best you can, hope that you go out and play well, you don't turn the ball over against a team that's leading the league in takeaways and plus-11 on the turnover margin."

It must suck having Pasqualoni as your head coaching having to read shit like that every day. A week of it was good enough for me.

Cincinnati, UConn have plenty to prove // Big East Blog // ESPN
It's good to know that the players are as fed up as I am with the "Cincinnati has nothing to play for since WVU won" line of thought. Championships, even just a 1/3 share matter.

That's all for now but be sure to check in for the gamethread which on current form is bound to be positively glacial in pace. So you know, try to help with that.

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