May 18th Jump Off

FC Barcelona vs Manchester United 2011 - The World Is Watching (via LWcomps)

Have I mentioned yet that I am a little bit excited for the Champions Leauge final? Well I am. Moving on

Bearcat News

Bearcats Breakdown: Sean Kilpatrick | May
Bearcats Blog has your kila Sean Kilpatrick breakdown. get it?

UC Scores Wild Walk-off Win - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
The Bearcats Baseball team is now guaranteed a winning record after defeating Butler 13-12

Bearcats Recognized for Academic Success in Latest APR Release - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
This just confirms what we all know, that Cronin has gone about this in the right way.

Women's Basketball Adds Two to Recruiting Class - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
Jamelle Elliott adds to her third recruiting class

Chicago Cubs vs. Cincinnati Reds Preview, Tuesday 5/17, 6:10 CT: The Tony Campana Era Begins - Bleed Cubbie Blue
The Cubs site on SB Nation side has a pretty thorough scouting report on Tony Campana

Around The Big East

Big East Baseball Tournament: What Does Each Team Have To Do To Get In - Voodoo Five
Voodoo Five has your Big East baseball tiebreakers covered.

Sober West Virginians threaten to boycott beer-friendly Mountaineer Stadium - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports
I have never been to a game at Mountaineer Stadium. But the resports I have receiveed indicated that the stadium isn't exactly beer unfriendly as is.

Praise due for Greg Schiano's off-field work - Big East Blog - ESPN
Greg Schiano can do something right. Good to know.

Nationally Recognized

"The throwin’ game is like a disease" | Smart Football
It's hard for someone like me to come to grips with this story. I have only ever known Bobby Bodwen as the old guy who made this face all the time.

Daily Dime - ESPN
I don't care if you don't like the NBA. You have to see Dirk just once this post season. He has been out of his mind.

Reading This Will Make You Smarter

The Millions : The Stockholm Syndrome Theory of Long Novels
As someone who once read the Jungle by Upton Cinclair and wrote a corresponding 10 page paper I am well acquainted with the thousand page stare. I think I might have given it to some of you over the weekend.

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