May 25th Jump Off

Bearcat News

No. 2 QB job open at Cincinnati - Big East Blog - ESPN
Andrea Adelson discussed the #2 QB battle with Coach Jones now that Chazz has transferred. I like Chazz and was proud to see him wear the C-paw like he did, but him moving on is better for the program in the long term, especially with that daunting 2012 schedule right around the corner. I think Munchie assumes the #2 role and he seem to at least be more serviceable than Chazz was, so the Bearcats seem to be better off at QB next season.

BearcatsWomen's Basketball to Adopt 11-Year Old Buzz Smith For 2011-12 Campaign - UC Press Release
Heartwarming story from the BearcatsWomen's basketball teams, who are throwing an official adoption ceremony this Thursday to induct 11-year old Buzz Smith into the Bearcat family.

BIG EAST Baseball Championship Preview - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
Shawn Sell at previews UC's much anticipated rematch against St. John's.

Most Big East teams fare well in APR scores - Big East Blog - ESPN
Cincinnati didn't rank so well compared to its Big East brethren, finishing 7th with a score of 936 and 10 points under the national average. Only Louisville had a worse score and seem to continue to get Kragthorped even though they axed him over a year ago. We've seen, however, how well UC has performed in the classroom the past couple of years so this score is likely to rise in the future, especially with how well Mick is running the basketball program.

Seven NCAA Squads Highlight 2011 Bearcats Slate - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
After one of the most memorable seasons in Bearcats soccer history, 2011 serves up a pretty tough OOC schedule, which coach Dayes says will help prepare the team for Big East play. Can't argue with that logic.

Three Bearcats Earn All-BIG EAST Honors - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
More honors for Bearcat players today as senior Justin Riddle was voted 1st team All-Big East, freshman Justin Glass was voted 2nd team All-Big East, and Braden Kline was voted to the 3rd team.

Around the BEast

Marinatto addresses bowl costs - Big East Blog - ESPN
It's no secret that UConn lost a ton of dough on Fiesta Bowl tickets earlier this year. That's not uncommon for bowl teams as they are generally allotted higher priced tickets for shittier seats that can be bought through a third-party (like or scalpers) for much cheaper. The thing that gets me is that Oklahoma also lost money on their allocated tickets but the Big XII covered most of that loss. The Big East didn't do the same for UConn. Thanks Big East. Way to act in the best interest of the Big East football schools.

Big East expansion: John Marinatto -
So Big East commish John Marinatto says that any Big East expansion will be concluded by September 2012, which means, more than likely, that we will find out who the 10th/11th/12th team will be or if the Big East will stay at 9 football teams by July 1, 2012 at the latest. So we get to hear more expansion bickering for another year. Great.

Calhoun predicts Big East split in 4-5 years -
Calhoun running his mouth, again. But this time in a good way. A split between the Big East football and basketball-only schools is inevitable and if anything happens it will be after the Big East hashes out a new media deal next year. Calhoun's timeframe for this split seems reasonable considering the animosity that is already building between these schools and since the football schools will have majority voting power in 2012 when TCU comes on board.

Connecticut, Southern take hits in latest NCAA academic progress ratings - ESPN
More news from the Huskies as UConn is receiving even more threats of NCAA punishment beyond the 2 scholarships that were already revoked from the men's basketball team. With a score of 893, they were dead last in the Big East and 2nd lowest among BCS schools, finishing only higher than Arkansas (892). Come on now. Did anyone really expect Kemba Walker to go to class? And can you blame him? He was a bona fide NBA talent as soon as he signed with the Huskies. I wouldn't go to class either if all I heard from sports analysts was that I was going to get paid millions of $$$ to play in the NBA.

Around the Nation

Source: Ex-NC State QB Russell Wilson visiting Auburn - ESPN
And let's hope he ends up there. I this most of us remember his, let's say, bending over of UC's secondary last season. The last thing the Bearcats need in 2011 is for this guy to end up in a Big East uniform- namely Louisville or UConn. Elite 11 Recap: Staff Picks
Scout staff Allen Trieu, Bill Greene, and Dave Berk weigh in on the Elite 11 camp in Columbus. Gunner Kiel pretty much owned their rankings, apparently.

Tim Thomas Makes 'Miracle' Save; Guy Boucher's Counter Attack? More Miracles - From Our Editors -
I'm a big hockey buff and this save by Tim Thomas is just ridiculous, even if you don't follow hockey. Check it out.

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