June 15th Jump Off

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Bearcat News

Super Bowl champ offers to bus Lakota students | WestChesterBuzz.com
Classy move by former Bearcat Troy Evans. He is planning on starting up a private bus service for Lakota children who have been eliminated from the public bus route due to Lakota's budget cut backs. Frankly, I have no idea how a township like Lakota can't afford public bussing (I should know, I grew up there), but Evan's idea is a good one and could expand to all students in the area.

Rivals.com College Football - The wait is over for Wolfpack's Glennon
Replacing Russell Wilson next season will be Mike Glennon. Bearcat fans can breath a sigh of relief knowing the Russell Wilson is gone but we shouldn't rest easy on Glennon. Although he lacks the quickness and mobility of Wilson, Glennon has an NFL body and a cannon of an arm. Glennon was a highly recruited prospect out of Virginia for those reasons but his size could work against him and to the Bearcats' advantage as I think all of us remember UC flying around trying to take down Wilson only to come up with fists full of air. Like many games next season, if UC can generate a solid pass rush with the front four, they can keep Glennon in check. If he's given time, he could carve up the secondary. Simple as that. Matt has a full breakdown of NC State here.

BIG EAST Announces 2011-12 Women's Basketball Opponents - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
Like Mick Cronin on the men's side, Jamelle Elliott is rebuilding the basketball team on the women's side. She will have a VERY young team next year who had better learn to gel quickly or quickly get swallowed up by the Big East. Next year's schedule is posted on gobearcats.com. Check it out!

Host family
It doesn't hurt to have an NFL team practicing in your facilities (even if it is the Bengals). It's just too bad the Bearcats are on break right now so they couldn't come in and learn a thing or two from some NFL vets.


Cincinnati nabs 2012 recruit Devon Scott - CBSSports.com
As we mentioned last night, Mick gained his first commitment of the 2012 class in power forward Devon Scott. Some may look at his offer list and wonder why Mick would pull the trigger on a kid who only had offers from a couple of mid-major schools. But I trust Mick in nabbing under-the-radar talent (Sean Kilpatrick) and turning them into playmakers at UC. If you want to see him for yourself, check out his youtube page at OfficialDevonScottTV.

Around the BEast

This seemed to come out of nowhere as both teams haven't played an annual series since 1992. In the only game since then, Pitt blanked Penn State 12 - 0 in 2000. Penn State is to Pitt as Ohio State is to UC (remember that for the SATs, kids), both Big East teams want more frequent match ups with their in-state Big Ten rival. The timing of the series probably indicates that Jo-Pa is retiring sometime before 2016, but that's a rant for another day.

Fundraising starts for new $10M University of Memphis indoor football facility " The Commercial Appeal
Well it's about time, Memphis. It seemed like the Memphis athletic department only focused on basketball at their school when Memphis was sitting on a hotbed of recruitable talent, a stadium that holds 62,000 people, and yet could barely get the program off the ground. This new practice facility and the athletic renovations should go a long way to improving the football program in the long term. Will it be enough to garner a Big East invite next year? Only time will tell.

Who's the favorite in the Big East now? - Big East Blog - ESPN
Andrea Adelson at the Big East blog is running down each Big East team next season and their main reasons why they will and won't win the Big East title in 2011. First up, the Mountaineers. There's a lot to like about West Virginia next season (mainly in the terms of offense) but she brings up a good point about Holgorsen. He's a brand new head coach. Yes he's been extremely successful as a coordinator, but a head coaching gig is a whole other level (Charlie Weis). Time will tell if he works out at WVU but if you talked to most Mountaineer fans, they're already counting the National Championship rings as we speak.

Around the Nation

Cliff Harris Speeding Incident Under Investigation By Oregon Compliance - SBNation.com
Not only was this guy going 118 in a 65, but he was driving a rental car paid for by a University of Oregon employee. Yea, not exactly the kind of publicity you want to bring to your school when you're getting almost as much heat as Ohio State at the moment. Oregon's compliance office is looking into the matter but it seems like it's too little too late- The news is already out there!

YouTube - Why So Sad - (Lebron James Crying In The Locker Room After Loss) [Cartoon Spoof]
Posted from a couple months ago but I think it could be used for LeBron James's reaction to losing in the finals on Sunday. Great job by the guys at Tauntr for this one and I really hope I never make it in their crosshairs.

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