HoopScoop ranks the top coaches in college basketball.

and they're only slightly convoluted. And by slightly I mean "extremely".

No. 1 Mike Krzyzewski (Duke)

No. 2 Jim Calhoun (UConn)

No. 3 John Calipari (Kentucky)

No. 4 Roy Williams (North Carolina)

No. 5 Rick Pitino (Loserville)

No. 6 Bill Self (Kansas)

No. 7 Jim Boeheim (Syracuse)

No.8 Tom Izzo (Michigan State)

No. 9 Bob Huggins (West Vagina)

No. 10 Billy Donovan (Florida)

After the top 50, they rank the" 30 HEAD COACHES WHO ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF THEIR CAREER AND HAVE POTENTIAL TO MOVE ONTO OUR LIST OF THE TOP 50 HEAD COACHES IN THE GAME TODAY". which totally sounds like one of those headlines that you stretched out when you had a thousand word essay and got to 977 or so.

Fearless Leader Angry Leprechaun Michael Cronin clocks in at #1 on this list, which seems like an honor. Hell, we all wanna be #1, because #2 is not a winner and #3 nobody remembers (#3 is Gregg Marshall from Wichita, who actually is a really good coach). But that would suggest that Fearless Leader Angry Leprechaun is not one of the 50 best coaches in college basketball.

Let's take a look see at #35-50 (i only have a 30 minute break) and play a game we'll call "Mick or This Guy".

35. Bill Carmody Northwestern Big-10 Conference MICK -----
36. Mark Few Gonzaga West Coast Conference ------ this guy (maybe)
37. Steve Alford New Mexico Mountain West Conference MICK -----
38. Steve Fisher San Diego State Mountain West Conference MICK ------
39. Fran Dunphy Temple Atlantic-10 Conference MICK ------
40. John Beilein Michigan Big-10 Conference MICK -----
41. Mark Turgeon Maryland Atlantic Coast Conference MICK -----
42. Tony Bennett Virginia Atlantic Coast Conference MICK -----
43. Randy Bennett St. Mary's West Coast Conference MICK ------
44. Buzz Williams Marquette Big East Conference MICK (barely, i have a total crush on this guy) -----
45. Fran McCaffery Iowa Big-10 Conference MICK -----
46. Dana Altman Oregon Pacific-12 Conference MICK -----
47. Tim Floyd UTEP Conference USA MICK -----
48. Frank Haith Missouri Big-12 Conference ----- THIS GUY (but why in the navy blue hell is the national coach of the year #48 in these horrific rankings?)
49. Mark Gottfried N.C. State Atlantic Coast Conference MICK ----
  • 50. Larry Eustachy Southern Miss

    MICK ( when the hell did this guy get another job?)

    they also rank the top 100 assistant coaches in college basketball. i'm not nearly enough of a nerd to know if these are bad, but Larry Davis (who totally should get the Miami job) is at 55 and Darren Savino comes in at 94. The honorable Tony Stubblefield is #31.
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