Bearcat Bits for May 18th

May 11, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants tight end Adrien Robinson (81) works out during minicamp at the Timex Performance Center. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE

A frankly fascinating look at the modern NFL Tight End and how Adrien Robinson comes pretty close to fitting the bill. Now if you were to ask Mike Bajakian what his biggest regret from the 2011 season was I am fairly confident that the reply would be about the under utilization of the TE position. Bajakian and Jones created their play calling philosophy at Central Michigan where they had lots and lots of athletic receivers but not much in the way of TE's. They did recruit this one kid who was pretty good, but he left and went to Wisconsin. His name is J.J. Watt. But that's a sidebar.

The main point is that they developed an offense and a philosophy that had no place for the TE. Flash forward three years and that crew lands in Cincinnati, a team with no shortage of supremely talented and athletic TE's but an offense that couldn't find something for them to do. Adrien Robinson was/is a fantastic athlete, but Jones and Bajakian struggled to grasp the implications of having him on the field. He was unlike anything they had at their disposal in their decision making history. It is hard not to put undue expectations on A Rob, but its easy to see him having the type of career that Brent Celek has enjoyed with the rival Eagles

Basketball Recruiting News! but not the kind that you were hoping for, e.g. an end to the Chris Obekpa saga. Instead it is Summit Country Day guard Kevin Johnson getting an offer for the class of 2013. I am all for it. I know that opinion is mixed on Johnson among some of the UC faithful but I like Johnson. He has a good handle, can get into the paint at will, finishes well and has a serviceable outside stroke. I'd like him more if he were 6'5" instead of 6'2", but it is what it is. Johnson has the right skill set to thrive if Mick commits completely to the offense he used this year. If recruiting is any indication that is exactly what he is doing. Stocking up on wings and guards for offense and guys in the general Justin Jackson mold for posts.

Other Bearcat News

Track and Field qualified 17 for East Regional Competition....The Baseball team picked up a win against Georgetown...the Volleyball team had a good spring the first of the Molly Alvey era...In an alternative universe one that has relegation in College Football UC totally wins the ACC in 2009...Zimpher misses Cincinnati. The feeling isn't mutual...Paul Dehner runs down the season so far for the three Bearcats in the Majors for the people who care about baseball...whats going on with Chris Obekpa nothing at all really...Keith Watkins is blowing up getting the Crusader into Red and Black gets harder every day...Derek Wolfe is negotiating just how much his signing bonus check will be. Its more than I will see in several lifetimes

Et Cetera

Texas Tech easily leads the country in transfers out. 6 of them so far and counting...Pitt RB Ray Graham is expected back for Pitt's fall camp...Kentucky LOL man. know its almost summer when the Skyline Crosstown Showdown schedule is released. Best game? Probably Colerain Pickerington Central for my money

Video(s) of Interest

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