Bearcat Bits for June 13th

PITTSBURGH, PA - NOVEMBER 05: Head coach Butch Jones of the Cincinnati Bearcats watches his team play against the Pittsburgh Panthers on November 5, 2011 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

This is a great quote from Butch Jones

"We are not going to let budget or finances or resources deter us from being successful," said Jones, who went 27-13 in three years at Central Michigan and won Big East Coach of the Year honors after a 10-3 campaign in Cincinnati. "When you roll the ball out to play, having a bigger budget doesn't give you any more points. The starting score is still 0-0. We're working to be the best football family in America and budget doesn't have anything to do with that. The formula for winning never changes. That was our mindset there, and that is our mindset now."

An interesting look at recruiting budgets in the Big East
shockingly the Bearcats don't have the smallest recruiting budget among returning Big East members, USF does. But the amount spent on recruiting is kind of a secondary thing. What matters is the way the money is spent, especially for the Bearcats who have to make money go further. One big part of this the 1200 Club. The money raised (about 270,000 dollars a year) is spent on the program in general, but is a supplement to the recruiting budget. Another part is stretching the money the Bearcats do have. This from Butch Jones.

"We are going to do things in a first-class manner," Jones said. "If we don't have the proper resources, I'm going to find them. I will never let lack of finances hinder our recruitment process."

Et Cetera

more on how the Bearcats mange to consistently get more for their money in Football...remeber Nick Davila? the reigning Arena Leauge MVP remembers 10 sports moments from the News Record...two of the Bearcats MLB draft picks have signed on the dotted line...notes on the Louisville offense....former Friar Gerald Coleman has landed at Gonzaga...Temple's Khalif Wyatt is a classy guy...the Jerry Sandusky trial winds on...this is the right time to sue TCU if you're the Big East...its not really an international soccer tournament until the rioting starts....the Jaguars should probably pay MJD...Louisville/Kentucky are showing their class...the suspect from the Auburn shootings was arrested last night...I enjoy this entirely too much I am also four.

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