Hey! Basketball! - David Nyarsuk is now a Cincinnati Bearcat.



Today in Bearcat Protectorate (because you're not a nation when you have to write blog posts on 'attendance issues'), as most of you are watching the new kick-ass promo with bad music (a feature soon to be fixed, with Opper's approval), the NCAA Compliance Goons smiled down upon us and allowed David Nyarsuk to join the fold. So who is David Nyarsuk, you ask?

Dave Nyarsuk 2010-2011.wmv (via coacharrowood)

David Nyarsuk (NAAR-suk, rhymes with carsick) is a 7'1" center from Mountain State University by way of West Virginia (yes, Bob Huggins, the Messiah of Multiple Local Taverns, originally signed him. sadly, that's all the convincing some of you need) by way of the Sudan. So as he gets accustomed to seeing teeth, let's get accustomed to him. He's listed at 230, but 215ish is probably closer to the truth. He's not a back to the basket guy, nor should an offense run through him. However, he's the most athletic center of the Cronin era (there are more dunks in that youtube clip than in the entire careers of Adam Hyrachinuk and Biggie McClain) and he was second in the NAIA in blocked shots last year. He put up 10 and 8 in an offense surrounded by gunners, getting his on rebounds, tip ins, and alleyoops. He's not much of a freethrow shooter (eh), averaged 3 fouls a game (eh, this is the Big East where public floggings aren't fouls, unless they happen to Georgetown), and needs to get stronger to compete in the Big East.


David Nyarsuk, hopefully in his natural habitat. via

He's also well-versed in adversity, another Bearcat hallmark. Check out this story on his near deportation from last year:

What to expect? Good defense (hell, HairFearless Leader Mick Cronin won't give you a second look if you're not a good defender), a few nice lobdunks, and the Mean Face Frontcourt with Justin Jackson. If that 10/8/3 becomes 5/5/2, that still goes good with Chekih's 5/4/1 and Kelvin's 3/1, to make ChiKelVid MboGaineSuk a double/double center. Double/double center with our guards: Happy Bearcat.



Floor: Adam Hyracihnuk

Ceiling: Donald Little, minus the crazy

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