Bearcats Vs. The Bubble

A dark cloud appears to be floating above the tract houses of Bearcat Township. A season that began fraught with promise seems to be slowly derailing, framing a fanbase with discontent in the aftermath of loss after loss after soul crunching defeat and DEAR GOD WE CAN'T THROW A PENNY INTO THE OCEAN AND I THOUGHT WATCHING MUNCHIE WAS FRUSTRATING. But, fret not, because as much as we've sucked (and it's less "sucked" and more "run into your toughest competition with your most important player at 30%") the rest of college basketball has sucked more, leading to the worst bubble in a while. As a result, we're not a bubble team. We're not even close. For proof, I consulted The Bracket Matrix, an excellent collection of 90 brackets located at We're listed as "in" in drumroll, please.....dadadadada..........90. The bubble, for the purpose of this metric, is every team listed in between 45 and 89 brackets, and the universal "next four out". As a point of comparison, we're 19-8, 7-7 BigE, 50 RPI, 38 SOS.

Kentucky(19-8, 10-4, 2nd SEC ) 6-8 v. top 100| RPI/Rank: 0.5929/45 | SOS/Rank: 0.5612/46

California(18-9, 10-5, 4th PAC12 ) 5-9 v. top 100| RPI/Rank: 0.5956/40 | SOS/Rank: 0.5737/31

Mississippi(20-7, 9-5, 4th SEC ) 5-5 v. top 100 | RPI/Rank: 0.5752/57 | SOS/Rank: 0.5162/125

Baylor(16-11, 7-7, 6th BIG12 ) 5-9 v. top 100| RPI/Rank: 0.5682/64 | SOS/Rank: 0.5761/27

St. Mary's(24-5, 12-2, 2nd WCC ) 5-3 v. top 100| RPI/Rank: 0.5968/39 | SOS/Rank: 0.5232/115

Temple(18-8, 7-5, 6th ATL10 ) 7-5 v. top 100 | RPI/Rank: 0.5904/49 | SOS/Rank: 0.5612/46

Villanova(18-10, 9-6, 7th BIGE ) 6-9 v. top 100 | RPI/Rank: 0.5844/54 | SOS/Rank: 0.5739/30 - Lest you forget, we beat they a$$ about ten days ago. Not getting in over us.

Virginia(18-8, 8-5, 4th ACC)6-2 v. top 100, RPI 77, SOS

Arizona State(20-8, 9-6 B12)5-6 v. top 100 RPI 88 - RPI 88. End argument here.

Boise State(18-8, 6-6, 5th MWC ) 5-6 v. top 100 | RPI/Rank: 0.5928/46 | SOS/Rank: 0.5505/70 - 4 of the 5 are over the 51-100 section of the top 100. Plus I've watched them play basketball. Not getting in over us.

Charlotte(18-7, 6-5, 6th ATL10 ) 7-5 v. top 100 | RPI/Rank: 0.5780/55 | SOS/Rank: 0.5294/107 - Little-known Black History Fact: the A-10 is filthy this year. This is the only resume that's kinda close to ours. However, ours is better.

Maryland(19-8, 7-7, 6th ACC ) 3-7 v. top 100 | RPI/Rank: 0.5639/65 | SOS/Rank: 0.5308/103 - We're better. Next.

Southern Miss(21-7, 10-3, 2nd USA ) 3-6 v. top 100 | RPI/Rank: 0.6052/35 | SOS/Rank: 0.5419/87

St. John's(16-10, 8-6, 9th BIGE ) 4-7 v. top 100 | RPI/Rank: 0.5743/59 | SOS/Rank: 0.5694/35 -REALITY CHECK PEOPLE. THIS IS OUR WORST LOSS. THE SADDEST MOMENT OF OUR SEASON WAS AT THE HANDS OF A BUBBLE TEAM.

keep calm, carry on, and FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY WIN TODAY

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