Bearcats at South Florida Gameday Links

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Getting up to speed with all the news ahead of Saturday's game

Bulls-Cincinnati: AAC working to gain credibility ||

USF coach Willie Taggart, looking for any positives, hopes to build on last week’s fourth quarter, when the Bulls scored two touchdowns in a 49-21 loss against Miami. OK, then. One way to do that is to win tonight’s ? ? first ? ? quarter and take control of the game. USF’s pattern has been losing control of its games during the first half, then being forced to rally. It hasn’t led in the second half all season. To win a game, USF must start much faster and it will be a difficult task against Cincinnati’s fifth-ranked defense.

USF Bulls defensive line falls short of acclaim || Tampa Bay Times

"When you look at the big plays that happened (against UM), we hit their quarterback on two of the touchdown plays. We're hitting him as he's releasing the ball, and they're creating the big play because of speed and not quite being in the right place at the right time.

5 Keys To Cincinnati v. South Florida || Cincy on the Prowl

Tommy Tuberville has claimed that Cincinnati will roll out some new stuff in conference play. On defense, there is no better time than now to use them. The situation is perfect. The Bearcats face an inexperienced quarterback who has a handful of reps under his belt and basically zero playmakers around him. UC has been pretty, let’s call it "tame", with their blitz packages this fall. Kaufman has relied heavily on the defensive line to create pressure. The results have been a mixed bag. But this week if he was toying with new schemes and wants to test out their effectiveness, implementing them against a quarterback who’s barely graduated high school is a low risk, high reward scenario.

UC does not blitz, UC will not blitz. Tommy Tuberville and Art Kaufman don't believe in blitzing, and never have. They believe in getting pressure with four and covering with 7. The Bearcats will only blitz as a matter of desperation.

Know Your Opponent: South Florida Bulls || Bearcats Blog

Tommy Tuberville mentioned there would be changes for the team. None of them show up on the depth chart. He's either playing that one close to the vest or he was saying words. Week 6 AAC - UCF-Memphis, Cincinnati-USF

What Will Happen: South Florida is a complete mess, a situation that’ll require at least one offseason before any progress is seen. Cincinnati, on the other hand, has hope for the postseason in Tommy Tuberville’s debut in the Queen City. The Bearcats will neutralize Shaw, ensuring that the Bull offense keeps spinning its wheels.

Gameplan: UC vs. South Florida ||

A slideshow of all relevant story lines ahead of tonight's game with South Florida

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