Bearcat Links Of The Day; Texas Makes A Decision

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

And it looks like UC will get to keep Whit Babcock, in the American Athletic Conference.

Texas Athletic Director

Arizona State's Steve Patterson will be next Texas AD ||

Arizona State athletic director Steve Patterson will be the next AD at Texas, according to a high-ranking Longhorns official with direct knowledge of the situation. Patterson emerged as the favorite early Tuesday morning and agreed to take the job a few hours later. He will receive a multi-year deal starting around $1.4 million per year. Patterson's hire will be formally announced later this week.

My that changed quickly. The good news is that the Bearcats now get to keep Whit Babcock, and really thats great news. But I have no idea how Patterson will change the expansion calculus. The word on the twitter street is that Luck fell out of favor in Austin in part because of his vision for the Big 12 moving forward. So that could wind up putting a fork in Big 12 expansion for the foreseeable future.


Where will Sean Kilpatrick rank among Top 50 UC Bearcats? || |

Perhaps Kilpatrick will have a monster year that lands him on the AP All-American team this year. If he does, that could lift him into the company of Fortson, Logan and Bonham, possibly ranking him as high as No. 5 among UC’s pantheon of great players. But even if he doesn’t, he seems a sure bet to finish among the top 10 players in school history, possibly as high No. 8, which is currently occupied by Pat Cummings.

First look at NC Central || UC Athletics Blog

NC Central has an impressive senior guard tandem in Jeremy Ingram and Emanuel Chapman. Ingram is a preseason first-team all-MEAC who averaged 15.7 points last year, second in the MEAC, and shot 39.4 percent from 3-point range. He was also a first-team all-MEAC last year as a junior.


UC Bearcats' running back combo moves onward ||

"We’re not getting much movement up front, especially when teams played like (Memphis) played," Tuberville said. "They put seven in the box and forced us to throw it. Of course when Kay is on like he’s been the past few games, we’re going to move the ball and make some plays."


Free bacon for basketball? why yes, of course...Purdue has not run a play in the red zone since September...Toronto's mayor smoked crack, will keep his job...something happened here...nothing good can come from this.

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