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Photos: adidas Crazy 8 Brooklyn basketball shoes

Today adidas unveiled their Crazy 8 Brooklyn Edition basketball shoes, which pay homage to the Brooklyn Nets. Check out the photo gallery.

Huskers Unveil Black Uniforms for UCLA Game


and the squeals were heard from miles around.

UCLA's New Football Unis: Same Adidas, Same Crap

Bruins Nation takes a look at what the Bruins will be wearing at the Rose Bowl and, like usual, express disappointment that Adidas continues to provide UCLA with second-rate, terrible-looking...

Regents Approve 5 Year adidas Deal for Huskers


Regents approve a five year agreement for adidas to be the exclusive outfitter for Husker athletes and coaches.

Op-Ed: Huskers Should Stick with adidas


If adidas is offering the same or more money than Nike for the same or better product, then the deal should go to adidas. For every person who likes Nike's design, there are others that think it's...

adidas #mygirls advert - with lots of British cyclists


It's rare that I like an advert a lot, but the adidas #mygirls campaign really speaks to me. It's a message of girls and women working hard at tough sports that they love, having a great time with their friends. Plus is features a load of young British cycling girls - the filmette above is about Hannah Walker of Matrix Fitness Racing Academy, with riders like Penny Rowson and Eli Thorogood of the Breast Cancer Care Cycling Team. Here's the full advert - and check out the cycling pages of the #mygirls site

Three Stripes, You're Out


Nebraska's had a very good relationship with Adidas for decades. After recent uniform atrocities, it needs to end.

Adidas studs do online strip tease


Adidas is dubbing it a "Game for the Ladies," but they're not fooling us. They have a new online feature on their New Zealand site in which you pick two very attractive athletes to take off their...

Art Imitates Life: Adidas Finally Gets it Right.

The latest Adidas uniform debacle re. UCLA basketball reflects the true state of Bruin program: chaos and confusion.


Oh, What Could Be: A Glimpse at UCLA Merch by Nike

I know there are very few fans out there of our Adidas jerseys with the UCLA stripes stubs on them. So, when I saw this this morning, I had to share it with everyone. It comes courtesy of Chris...

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