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Bielema Further Clarifies HUNH, Death Certificate Comments To SI


Bielema spoke with SI's Andy Staples Friday morning in an attempt to further clarify the comments he made in Searcy Thursday night. This is presented as a Q&A, so Bielema's full comments are available for reading.

ADG's Bob Holt Wins SEC Media Days

He should have his own mic.

Boston College Football Chaos Theory and the Big Finish


Brian: SI's Andy Staples built on Spencer Hall's better to be lucky than good article to re-forecast the entire college football timeline after changing just one play back in 2004. In Staples...

Junior Seau's Suicide Begs: Will You Let Your Son Play Football?


Junior Seau's suicide has brought the focus of football back to whether the sport is worth playing or not. As a father of two sons, I can easily say "yes".

College Football Playoff Proposals: The One You Want And Why You Won't Get It


A list of college football playoff proposals has been released. One makes common sense. The others don't. Which one do you think you'll get?

Andy Staples / SI.com: Offense still improving, but elite defense has Texas on the brink


Really good article. I urge you to check it out. "When I assess this, what matters is that we lost five times," Diaz said. "The way we can look at it for us is that all five losses could have been prevented by the defense." Also, what Radiohead album do you think Manny was listening to?

Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites: Rivalries, Realignment, Statistics, Shatner, and a Country Singer Caught Drinking in a Church Parking Lot on Sunday Night


Dawg Sports has all the Georgia Bulldogs news deserving of your attention this Wednesday morning. Get up to speed on the latest with this morning's edition of Dawg Bites.

7/5 Sundry: Freedom links


Hope everyone had a good 4th of July weekend and the PADS onset is brief and merciful. Two out of three definitions apply here. A while back we posted a story about UT taking physical possession...

Texas Is The Best Coaching Job In The Country


I think we all know this intuitively. Go 4-7, launch a cable network with ESPN. POW. That just happened. It's the football off-season. This means it's time for people to start ranking things. Best...

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