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Bearcat Bits for June 20th


Bearcat Bits for June 20th.

Along the Links: Ohio State Football Recruiting 5/23


Spanning the 'net to give you a constant variety of recruiting news. The thrill of commitments and the agony of reject. The human drama of high school competition. This is ATO's, Along the Links!

2012 Ohio State Recruiting: Wide Receiver Big Board


An in-depth breakdown of Ohio State's 2012 recruiting targets at wide receiver.

Elite Championship Cage Fighting 10 Quick Results From Charlotte, North Carolina


Elite Championship Cage Fighting 10 Quick Results from Charlotte, North Carolina

Reviewin' & Previewin' - Men's and Women's Outdoor Track


What will the Tigers do to replace All-Americans Chris Rohr and Krishna Lee on the track? Find out!

Giants/Rangers Series Preview


A preview of the upcoming Texas Rangers/San Francisco Giants series.

Swing Comparison: Davis '08 vs. Davis '09


I fiddled around with some video the other day and came up with this. Hitting mechanics are not exactly my forte, and I probably didn't select the best source material that would have best illustrated the divergence between Davis then and Davis now, but it might be worth a gander nevertheless.

Move Over, Howard and Reynolds


In 2007, Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard set the single season record with 199 strikeouts. Last season, he matched his record breaking season with 199 more, but moved into second place on the all time list. Mark Reynolds, third baseman for the Diamondbacks, whiffed on 204 different occasions, "besting" Howard. Two months into the 2009 season and Reynolds, despite continuing to fan at a ridiculously high rate, actually has some competition for the throne of punchout king. Chris Davis of the Rangers is only 23 years old and appears to combine slick glovework with raw power. When he connects with a pitch, the ball travels great distances. Already with 12 home runs, Davis has begun to establish himself as a significant slugging threat. Davis has, however, a huge weakness so far in that he is seemingly allergic to actually making contact with the ball. In 170 plate appearances and 158 at bats, Davis has struck out 71 times so far, a rate of 44.9 percent. 44.9 percent! Of his official at bats, Davis almost has a 50/50 shot of striking out.



Don't trade Chris Davis. Please.

Wednesday a.m. stuff


10 games left in the season.  The Rangers are 2 under .500, 4 up on Oakland.  You have to give the team credit, though...they don't quit.  Down 2 in the bottom of the 9th in a meaningless game,...

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