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Kevin Huber; Sometimes a Punter is a Weapon

P - 2005-2008 It is the ultimate in oxymorons. In the game of Football players can be weapons. A strong armed Quarterback, a sure handed Wide Receiver, a game breaking Running Back or a shutdown...

Gino Guidugli; The Enegmatic One

QB - 2001-04 The legacy of Gino Guidugli is a tricky thing to deal with for most of Bearcat Nation. We all respect him for his on field accomplishments. The only four year starter at QB in...

Jonathan Ruffin; Mr. Automatic

K - 1999-2002 When Rick Minter took over the reigns of the Cincinnati program he decided that he was going to build the program in the mold of his mentor and idol, Lou Holtz. That meant physical,...

Mike Woods; Tony Mason's Kind of Player

LB - 1975-77 Mike Woods was Tony Mason's ideal linebacker. Fast, aggressive and physical. He worked hard and made plays in bunches. Woods was a graduate of Benedictine High School where he...

Tom Marvaso; Return Man Extrodinaire

S - 1973-75 Tom Marvaso was one of the brightest stars for the program as it was entering it's darkest days. Greg Cook and Jim O'Brien had a lasting impact. The interest they generated in the...

Jim O'Brien, The Most Prolific Bearcat

WR - 1967-69 It is one of the eternal chicken and egg quandaries in Football. Does a receiver make a QB look good or is it the receiver who makes the QB look good? Usually, its hard to tell....

Greg Cook; A Player Ahead of His Time

QB - 1966-68 Simply put Greg Cook is the best QB in the history of the Cincinnati Bearcats Football Program. Geno Gudguli might have all the records, but Cook was better. He was recruited to UC...

Dick Goist, An All Around Player

RB - 1951-54 When we talk about the Sid Gilman era here at the University of Cincinnati we tend to focus on the things that Gillman was known for. His intricate and complex passing schemes that...

Tom O'Malley; Sid Gillman's Trigger Man

QB - 1947-1949 The late 40's were heady times for the Cincinnati Bearcats Football team. Like most College Football programs of that time the Bearcats shut up shop at the conclusion of the 1942...

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