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Silver: No Expansion... Right Now

The waiting game sucks, let's play Hungry, Hungry Hippos

Houston Dynamo Hoping to Own NWSL Team

The Houston Dynamo are looking to expand into Women's soccer by owning a NWSL team.

Expansion to Seattle?

While the owners will undoubtedly grab the $275 million expansion fee for a new franchise in Seattle, would the league move to better footing by relocating a struggling team for the same $60 million relocation fee paid by the Winnipeg Jets?

The Road to the Coalition

"The Rocket Ismail has done it again! Touchdown, Notre Dame!" Dick Enberg's words hardly began to resonate through the television speakers when Bill Walsh ripped the hearts out of Notre Dame fans...

OMG! Tim Montemayor says Seattle is going to get an expansion team!

Why isn't this totally-accurate news on the SR front page yet? Surely this tweet -- a form of communication so trustworthy it's practically signed by a notary public -- has been confirmed by all the leading NBA reporters by now! Nuts to that! I'm not even going to wait for conformation; that's how solid the great TIM MONTEMAYOR'S word is! I'm going to mail Chris Hansen enough money to buy season tickets right this very second!!!

Autzen Stadium North Side Improvements Announced

This letter was sent out from Rob Mullens and the University of Oregon this evening concerning plans for Autzen Stadium North Side Exiting and Accessibility Improvements Project.


More Possible Outcomes of Conference Realignment

More Possible Outcomes of Conference Realignment (For the Mountain West Conference) Expansion of the Mountain West Conference might not be needed in the immediate future, but there is a...


Invite New Mexico State and Denver for Olympic Sports?

My Case for the Aggies: It would allow for NMSU Football to drop down a division, and keep their Basketball Program in a league that currently can put upwards of 6 teams in the NCAA Basketball...


ESPN Quite Harsh On Maryland

Seemed really critical of the way Maryland handled things. http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/8682871/public-schools-changing-conferences-dark Though I can't say I...

More details emerge on the potential expansion of Rice-Eccles Stadium

Talks of expanding Rice-Eccles Stadium once again heat up.

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