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Midseason Analysis: Geno Smith

The Jets are currently sitting at 4-4 with a second place spot in the AFC East. Rookie quarterback Geno Smith has played fairly well up to this point, however at times he simply plays like a...

Countdown To Mountaineer Football: 12 Days


Sweet Jesus do we really have to wait 12 more days? If you want to see a bigger version of the picture, click here.


Is it really necessary for Chip Kelly to name a starting quarterback before training camp?

Michael Vick has been clamoring for a starting quarterback to be named, and you can add DeSean Jackson to that list as well. It seems Vick would like a starting quarterback to named because he's...

Geno Smith and the "Aaron Rodgers Treatment"


Nope. I'm just a normal IT guy. A computer geek. A nerd minus the pocket protector. A lover of anything BioWare, Elder Scrolls, Madden and BF3 (although Curt Schilling's ex-company 38 Studios put out an awesome game in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning). But more importantly, I'm a Chiefs fan. With the recent signings that Dorsey has pulled off and the #1 pick projection being more elusive and at the same time being aimed at a CB that isn't even half of what Deion Sanders was (and Deion was drafted at #5), I think the argument for Geno can still be played. And it should be, with good reason. (Cont.) Geno Smith and the "Aaron Rodgers Treatment"


Staying On this Offseason

The speculation and anxiety that comes with the offseason is unbearable. No one has ANY clue what the new front office is thinking because they're just figuring out a consensus between themselves....

Has Geno Smith literally run away as the top QB?


Despite several analysts, coaches, and scouts ultimately questioning the strength of the 2013 quarterback class, the reported top guy, Geno Smith, put on a show today at the Combine. With his...

2013 NFL Combine, Day 2: Show Me The Money


While Day 1 offered plenty of interesting scouting and media nuggets for fans to enjoy, Day 2 is where the names on offense do their work. Quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers will take...

Geno Smith Interview via 610Sports Radio


Geno Smith was on 610Sports Radio in KC via phone call today. Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison asked him a variety of questions, and even threw in a previously recorded sound bite of Mel Kiper saying no QB is worth the #1 pick. I am happy I was able to eat my lunch at the office and catch the interview. Geno was very well spoken and handled himself as a professional. He didn't divulge too much information, yet he said just enough. He did however dodge the very last question. We'll get to that later. (cont.) http://chiefstomahawkchop.blogspot.com/2013/02/geno-smith-on-610sports-radio-in-kansas.html#more


Quarterback Shuffle: Draft Edition

via thesmackzone.files.wordpress.com The official NFL combine list has been released and on it are some touted prospects. The quarterback depth in the combine is fairly extensive. Many...

TomahawkChop Offical 2013 Mock Draft v1.0


Here it is ladies and gentleman. The first official Kansas City Chiefs 2013 Mock Draft from TomahawkChop! The Super Bowl is over with, and the offseason is upon us, what left do we have to look forward too? The FA signing period? The NFL Draft? Well if you ask me, I bet more fans are looking forward to draft...(cont.) http://www.chiefstomahawkchop.blogspot.com/2013/02/first-official-tomahawkchop-2013-mock.html#more

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