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Hail To Links! Prediction: Pain!

Today we will look at the Top 5 moments more painful than watching last night's game.

Your Official Thursday Coaching Changes And Hires Open Thread and Omnibus


Sorry I missed yesterday. Apparently I had a 24 hour dysentery. If you suffer as a group, you will normally bond. The Texas fanbase? No. That's a quote from the guy who looks to be our new S&C...

The LOL Board Hates Pitt


Jack Fleming leads the way in our favorite chant and the Three Stooges appear as you've never seen them before. It's an LOL Board for the ages as we prepare for the final Backyard Brawl.

Conference Hopping, Part IV.2

As promised, here is another look at TCU's move to the Big East. The personnel issues that I highlit in my first take on the move have cleared, somewhat. West Virginia and Pittsburgh did indeed...

July 20th Jump Off


Down the Drive July 20th Jump Off: Kerry Coombs thoughts, recruiting update, UC at BE LobsterFest, Tex-AM to SEC?, and more!

Michael Haywood, as expected, is fired by Pittsburgh.


Not much to really say here. Dude make a serious mistake and he's paying the consequences. As evidenced this year, he's a great coach and he'll resurface. But so much for that "hired away" good luck streak.

New Pitt Head Coach Mike Haywood Arrested


Pitt's Mike Haywood has been arrested in South Bend, IN for domestic violence. I'm no expert on new jobs, considering I was fired from my last position for stealing office supplies, but this can't be the best way to cap your first two weeks in Oakland. The bigger question: does Mike Haywood ever coach a game at Pitt? I think no.

Mike Haywood arrested


Not even a month ago he was on top of the hustlin' world, coaching Miami to a MAC Championship and then accepting a job at Pittsburgh. Now he's been arrested for a physical altercation with his baby momma in South Bend.

Previewing Miami - Offense


A look at the continuing struggles of the Miami Redhawks offense in anticipation of the Battle for the Bell

Florida vs. Miami (OH): The Origin Story


This weekend's game between Florida and Miami University has an interesting background story.

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