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The Train Stop, Episode 4.0

We recap the tail end of the Purdue Boilermakers' men's basketball regular season, and hand out traditional Big Ten awards (POY, 1st/2nd/3rd teams, 6th Man, DPOY, All-Freshman team), along with a few alternative awards (Doucher of the Year, Crankiest Coach, All-Fun team, All-Ugly Team, Goober of the Year). We also give our thoughts on both the NCAA Tournament and the CBI, previewing Purdue's matchup with Western Illinois.

SI: NCAA fails miserably, turns a blind eye to UNC infractions

You seem too calm right now. Let's raise that blood pressure.

And So It Begins, the End of College Football...

Remember where you saw this first in 20 years when college football is extinct. Now mind you I'm no lawyer, but I am fairly certain that if this goes to trial and the judge awards settlement for the player over the school there will be some serious risk management discussions concerning the cost-benefit of having a football team. Smaller schools will go first but eventually, if this sets a precedent, every "walk on" in America will eventually take down even the grandest of houses, Belmont Hall. I hope it doesn't happen but I'm just sayin' this could be the beginning of the end. What do you think?

Great writeup on the new eligibility requirements

This is a tough tradeoff -- good kids who were failed by the system/parents should not be denied access because of that systemic failure. But we also do them a disservice, verging on exploitation, if we don't raise our expectations of them. At the very least there ought to be a significant outreach effort to get the message to kids and their families - or as noted in the article there will be some very sad people in 2016. I'm not sure where I stand on this yet -- what are your thoughts? BSU Football generally does very well in this department -- but it would be interesting to see how/whether this impacts recruiting for football and basketball.

NCAA Proposes Expanded Sanctioning Powers

The NCAA's board of directors is proposing to give the organization more power to sanction programs along the lines of Mark Emmert's special hammering of Penn State. The idea appears to be to pave the cowpath, so to speak. Specifically, the proposed powers include four-year postseason bans, negating the revenue that punished teams bring in during their punishment period, and holding head coaches personally responsible where applicable. The proposal won't be voted on until October. It would also expand the Committee on Infractions from 10 to 24 members and make it so that instead of there being two tiers of infractions (secondary and major), there would be four instead.

NCAA DOES plan to punish Penn State

The NCAA is moving with almost supernatural speed (for them). It seems like they ARE going to do something to Penn State. I'll still be SHOCKED if they suspend the PSU football team, but if they're not doing something fairly significant this kind of pre-release thing is a little much.

"Unprecedented penalties" to be levied against Penn State by NCAA

Announcement set for 9:00 A.M. Monday. However, CBS is the source on this, so use caution.

Another method to impose NCAA scholarship reductions to avoid harming future recruits

Why not impose NCAA scholarship reductions in a way to avoid penalizing future football student athlete recruits

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