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Inside the Playbook: OSU's Inverted Veer Package

In this article we look at several of the things OSU will throw at defenses from the same initial look.

Inside the Playbook: The Power of the Spread O

In this post we take a look at how Michigan still utilizes a power blocking scheme within their spread offense.

Inside the Playbook - Unbalanced Double Lead O

We take a look at Michigan's unbalanced formation in which is utilizes the Double Lead O with 22 personnel on the field.

Film Review: Struggles to Hold Up to Doubles

Today we are going to look at why Michigan had trouble against the Notre Dame’s inside run plays. Much of the time, Michigan was in nickel personnel with two 3 techs with an over front.

Inside the Playbook Blocks Everything

Inside the playbook has the calls to block any defensive front to run Power O.

Inside the Playbook - Power O Blocking Primer

O-linemen are typically the smartest players on the field. In order to be successful they not only need good technique and strength, but they need to work together as a unit to make the correct calls. In this primer, we look at those calls.

A Jaunt with the Jayhawks

Kansas didn't offer much in the way of defensive resistance but they did offer us a medium to codify what we worked on in the bye week. Against Kansas you saw a much more streamlined play...

The Harsin Offense: Making Complexity a Single-edged Sword

We've heard a lot in the practice reports about how Harsin's strategies include installing a large variety of formations and looks that put too much on tape for opposing coordinators to be able to...

Complementing the Power O: Passing in the Power Sets

The series has been on a bit of a break. Intermittence is just part of my nature. If you are just jumping in now, you've got some make up work to do:Power OBasic Defensive ResponsesStrong Outside...

Coming back to the middle

Listening to Ari Tempkin of all people, defender of Greg Davis, I overheard a fascinating point and stat about our 2010 Texas Longhorn football team that offered some intense insight into our...

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