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Two Quick Pieces of News

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First and foremost Zach Collaros has made the Pre-Season Watchlist for the Davey O'Brien award given annually to the best Quarterback in the country. I think that is a pretty good acknowledgement on the part of the voting body for that award that the four games Collaros started, and dominated, were just a fractional representation of an improbably impressive whole.

Collaros is the 2nd QB in as many years to be named to the O'Brien watchlist, Tony Pike is obviously the other. Truthfully, it will take a truly spectacular year for Zach to win the award. Case Keenum is the odds on favorite to get the award. It would be a monumental tragedy if the only QB ever to pass for 5,000 yards in three different seasons wasn't acknowledged as the best QB in even one of them.

Secondly, it looks like there will be an addition to the UC coaching staff. Troy Everhart resigned his position as head coach at Winton Woods High School and is poised to join Butch Jones staff at UC. His primary position is likely to be as de facto recruiting coordinator, all due respect to Mark Elder. Obviously it is extremely rare, and if I am honest, a bit unsettling, for a head coach to resign his position two weeks prior to the start of summer camp. That fact is even more acute when you consider that Everhart is coming of a pretty dominating State Championship run last fall. All that being said this addition to the UC staff is more proof, in case you needed a bit more, that Butch Jones is dead serious about recruiting. Everhart was one of the longest tenured coaches in the Cincinnati area and has a lot of respect and authority in the very insular world of Tri-State coaches. Additionally he has also worked for the Forbes Report in recent years which is arguably the premier scouting service in the country. This move makes sense from every conceivable angle for both UC and Everhart, even if the timing really sucks.