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Kenbrell Thompkins Out For 2010

So Kenbrell is out for this year. That is simultaniously a shame and not that big a deal. It is a shame because Bearcat fans will have to wait another year to see this kind of talent don the revered #1 shirt.

But it isn't a big deal for one main reason. While there are plenty of questions and concerns about the UC team going into the fall, depth at receiver was not one of them. Armon Binns, Vidal Hazelton and DJ Woods already comprise what is arguably the best receiving trio in the country. The more interesting thing for me is that sitting out this year won't cost Kenbrell the usual mandatory year for a tramsfer. Thompkins would have been nice to have in the fold for this season, but having him for two years starting in 2011 is a nice consolation prize at the end of a very strange process.