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Battle For The Bell Postgame

This will be brief, any game that is essentially over after 10 minutes doesn't merrit much, if any, in depth discussion. But If there was any doubt before about the gap between the Miami (Ohio) program and Cincinnati there shouldn't be any more now. UC is simply miles ahead of Miami at this point. This is probably the best Miami team in the last two or three years but they have nothing for UC right now. The Bearcats could have hung half a hundered in the first half  without much effort.

I am not one of those people that thinks that UC should stop playing Miami. I am a sucker for history and tradition, even if none of it is well known outside of I-275. Tradition and history matter to me and they matter in this sport. UC will dominate the rivalry for the foreseeable future, bigger fan base, far better facilities and are recruiting at a level that Miami won't be able to match long term. Miami will rise up and get a win in the series here and there, but they won't be able to touch the hegemony of UC right now.

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