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Munchie Legaux Entering the Fray Against Miami (Ohio)

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Jones says he expects to get Munchie Legaux on the field at WR on Saturday vs. Miami

via TommyG_Sideline

The Freshmen are starting to enter the fray according to Bill Koch.  I. for one, don't really see anything wrong with that. Last years recruiting class was strong and there are players who can play now, even if the headliners from a year ago are indisposed. I like that Munchie took the initiative to move to receiver to help the team with depth. But there are two reasons I harped on Munchie. One, I get nearly ceaseless enjoyment out of the name Munchie Legaux, Two it gives me another excuse to play this video of Munchie crushing kids in NOLA to Pharcyde