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The Bearcats Batter The Good Ship Seton Hall

Well that was a pretty interesting game. After about 10 minutes UC completely wrested control of the game away from Seton Hall and never relinquished it at any point there after. Seton Hall made it interesting at times, particularly around the mid point of the second half, but they never had any modicum of control in that last 30 minutes of the game. This game was a little bit like a walk with a dog. For the most part things were fine and orderly for large stretches, the dog was by and large well behaved. As a reward for that good behavior the owner lets out a little bit of the leash and the dog gratefully accepts and begins to push the line a little bit, at which point the own takes in the bit of leash they let out in the first place. That's the image that kept popping into my head while watching this game. Was that drug induced in my battle against the flu or whatever mutant variation of sickness? Undoubtedly, but the metaphorical point point stands.

This was a standard performance for the Bearcats. This is what the team is at this point. They are completely relentless in trying to play the way that they want to play. That kind of cohesive identity is something that has been missing for most of the Mick Cronin era but it is back. They play full court high pressure defense they trap, they double and they contest everything on defense and on offense they just sort of pass it around the horn a bit. This IS Bearcat Basketball, its not always the most aesthetically pleasing, but  this is the brand of ball that used to get me in trouble for sneaking downstairs to watch the end of games as a kid, and it is good to have it back. This is all I got for now. I will try to go into more specifics at a later time.