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West Virginia Outrebounds Cincinnati, Win Comfortably

Well that was really great. I know that the thing that most UC fans will jump on about this game is the officiating. Yes it sucked, yes they brought me as close as I have come to ripping a brick out of my facade and throwing it through my monitor as any officiating crew in the history of humanity. But that is not why UC lost this game.

UC lost because they got killed on the boards. It is really that simple. Other things played into to be sure, but WVU with 8 scholarship players and absolutely no one on the roster that could handle Yancy Gates dominated the boards. Not just a slight edge but fucking dominated the glass. Four Mountaineers grabbed 7 boards or more compared to no UC players doing the same. That's the reason UC lost.

Rashad Bishop and Dion Dixon going a combined 4 for 21  sucked, but 21 points from Cashmere Wright kind of off set that. What really killed the offense was that those two guys got hero complexes very early in the game and kept firing up brick after brick from three point land. Shooting 35 per cent from the field also sucked, but the thing I can't get over is the lack of rebounding and effort. That is why UC has been as good as they have been this year and the disappearance of both is why UC lost, I just can't get beyond that. I need a fucking drink.