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Introducing Hate Week; Why I Hate Xavier

I am not that different from most UC fans. I am just like every other member of Bearcat Nation, I adore the trashy hoodishness of Clifton, and the slightly more upscale pleasures of Ludlow. I bleed red and black and the sounds of police cars and Life Flight Helicopters are my own personal siren call's. Reminders of a place I called home for four or five (or six) years. The everlasting signals that the forge from whence I came is still active, still combustible and pressurized, ever churning out like minded individuals in relative anonymity and security. Even as the occasional gunshot echoing in the distance emphasizing that most invaluable of the "Clifton Rules" imparted on its residents, that all things, even a sense of security, are relative. Its the theory of General Cliftonivity. But the one thing that all Bearcats share, a key ingredient in the bonding agent that holds all of Bearcat Nation together is a healthy hatred of Xavier. And like most Bearcats I can tell you the exact moment my animosity towards all things Xavier went from being more of a benign neglect to actually hating those petulant little pricks from down the road. It happened about 10 seconds after this clip ends.

I distinctly remember watching Kenny Satterfield's floater hit the front of the rim and the clock hit zero and saying "I really don't like those fuckers" in front of my rather shocked parents. But there is nothing for it, that moment crystallized my opinions about UC, Xavier and the rivalry. It's nothing personal random X fan it really isn't. I know people like you, lots of people like you. I have good friends who are Muskies but I will always hate X, even if it is just the idea of Xavier above all else. Xavier just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, eerily similar to the feeling I get after a shot of Tequila, make of that what you will. So what did it for you? When did you cross the line from apathy to a low grade of sustained hatred? Leave your thoughts, as well as any videos or pictures in the comments below

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