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Cincinnati Bearcats 27 Miami Redhawks 0: It's Still Our Bell

This was not a complete performance for UC. Not even close. It's tough to poke holes in a 27-0 shutout victory on the road, in a rivalry game ect. But the Bearcats were so, so, so sloppy on offense. Missed blocks in the running game, dropped passes from the receivers, half a dozen objectively terrible decisions from Zach Collaros and 4 turnovers. The defense bailed them out time and time again, particularly on those. The defense was absolutely suffocating, admittedly against a very, very shaky offensive line. Still it is hard to throw caveats up against a defense that hasn't allowed positive rushing from two consecutive opponents. Still a win is a win, and it is hard to be that dismayed about it. But I am sure that I, and everyone else, would like to see more consistency and better execution particularly on offense. Still UC is 4-1 heading into the bye and another trophy game in two weeks against Louisville. That's all for now, keep an eye out for some boxscorin later today.,

Go Bearcats