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Cincinnati Bearcats Depth Chart For South Florida Game

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It took much longer than I thought it would be Butch Jones has released the depth chart for Sauturdays game against USF and for the first time in a while there are some changes.

  • Eric Lefeld got the surprise start last week at Right Tackle and is listed with Sean Hooey. My guess is the injury that kept Hooey out of the game against the Cardinals is still bothering him. If Hooey is healthy he will start
  • Akise Teague is no longer on the depth chart, being replaced by Ralph Abernathy IV, and I suspect that he is no longer on the travel squad as well. Teague is eligible for a medical hardship year and I suspect that the staff will pursue that option.
  • No major changes to the defensive depth chart. It is the same as last week.

The full depth chart is available for your perusal after the jump.