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Zach Collaros Lost For Season, Worst Fears Confirmed

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This isn't exactly a surprise, given the type of injury, the way it took place, and perhaps most tellingly Zach's reaction to it. But it is official now.

Collaros got hurt in the second quarter of a 24-21 loss to West Virginia, when his leg bent back awkwardly on a sack. Backup Munchie Legaux came into the game and nearly rallied the Bearcats to the win, before Tony Miliano's game-tying 31-yard field goal was blocked with no time left.

This is obviously a big blow for an offense that has come to depend on Collaros not only for his running and passing, but for his incredible leadership. Collaros is a player who wills his team to win, whom his teammates have come to respect, trust and rally around.

There will be time to discuss the legacy of Zach Collaros to this program in the coming days and months. But for now all eyes turn to Munchie Legaux to see if he can finish the job that Zach Collaros started. Meanwhile the "OMG how can you ever win without Zach Collaros!?!" storyline is only going to escalate from here. But hold the rope as they say.