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Miami Linebacker Corey Griffin Commits To The Cincinnati Bearcats

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Because apparently 6 linebackers isn't enough. Corey Griffin from Coral Reef High School in Miami Florida. He is evaluated by all the major services as an outside linebacker. I am not sure that he will stay at linebacker for his entire career. A move down to the defensive line could be in his future. But he is just 6'1" which could limit his effectiveness at that position. Griffin is so tough to project because he plays as a DE/OLB tweener for a team that plays the 5-2-4 in high school, a defense that hasn't been seen on the college level in literally decades. Regardless of the issues in terms of projecting him to a position. It is clear that he is a smart, aggressive player who always looks to be in position and is eminently capable of finishing off plays. Still more help for a defense that is still starved for depth in general, hard to be mad at that.