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The Bearcats Are Cashmere Wrights Team Now. What Does That Mean For Yancy Gates

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Without question the biggest beneficiary of the suspensions of basically all the posts has been Cashmere Wright. The style of play has been more like what he used to roll with back in his High School days. But more importantly he has taken over the leadership mantle that has been Yancy Gates for most of the last two years. I don't think that there is anything good or bad about Yancy being the guy that everyone looks to. I can see the argument against that being the status quo, but I prefer to see Yancy engaged at that level than not. I think that he is more effective as a player when that happens compared to when he doesn't.

There seems to be a much bigger difference between the Cash that appeared down the stretch of last year, and obviously over the last two games as well. At times early this year it seemed that Cash had turned into an older version of Freshman Cash. Also known as the guy who would give the ball to Deonta Vaughn and Lance Stephenson and go stand in the corner.

For me the question about the basketball team at the front of my mind has nothing to do with the coming four games, though I am genuinely intrigued about the game with a suddenly good Oklahoma team on the 29th. But what I really want to know right now is how Yancy Gates gets integrated into this new look Bearcats squad. From a style of play perspective I think the new offense is really a perfect fit for Gates's game because he is at his best on the move rather than in the post and he has a good shot out to 18 feet. Sliding him into the offense shouldn't be a problem.

The question is will In his Senior season will Yancy Gates submit to a secondary role to Cashmere Wright? I have no idea, and I am guessing that no one but Yancy really knows. But its something that needs to be watched because there is no question that to the guys that weren't suspended Cash is their guy, their leader, their Alpha Dog if you will. But what happens to the old Alpha Dog? Does anyone have a clue? Its a pressing question, but there won't be an answer for at least two weeks.