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Cincinnati Bearcats Jump Off | December 21st

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Liberty Bowl

Vanderbilt may face Cincinnati's Zach Collaros in Liberty Bowl // The Tennessean

"It still hurts a little bit when I push off and go in a different direction," Collaros said. "I didn’t think I was going to be able to heal this fast. It’s still 12 days until the game, so I still have some time for it to heal. I think I’m definitely ahead of schedule."


Will UC’s 4-guard offense work when Gates returns? // UC Athletics Blog

"It’s like running the spread offense in football," Cronin said. "You’ve got to score points or there’s no point in it. If you’re three and out and you’re not the moving the ball, your defense will be on the field the whole time so when you play small, you have to score, you have to reap the benefits of playing small.

An interesting point made by Cronin.

Football Recruiting

The pipeline to Cincinnati is through Central Florida // Central Florida News 13

The University of Cincinnati is sticking to a familiar formula when searching for talent. You either have to be small and quick or tall and rangy. The two latest offers the Bearcats extended fit those profiles. John Armstrong is the first 1,000 yard rusher in Olympia school history. He’s 5-foot-7 but is a shifty running back with quick feet. That rushing milestone is a big deal considering the NFL’s fastest player and leading rusher from a season ago, graduated from the same school. Yes, we’re talking about Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson. Armstrong added to his number by being the teams leading receiver this year.

Yes please to Armstrong. The other offer is to Ramar Dennis who's uncle is former Bearcat George Murray.

Other Bearcat News

The Week Ahead //
A somewhat truncated week of Bearcats sports due to the Holiday