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Cincinnati Bearcats 95 Chicago State Cougars 60

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Another game, another faceless, toothless opponent. It's hard to take much away from this game. Mick Cronin basically said that this game was nothing more than a practice, but with a live scoreboard. Hard to disagree. UC tried a couple of different things in the course of the game. Kelvin Gaines got his first ever start and played a career high 22 minutes. He was a non factor offensively, but he is a force on defense 7 blocks and 7 rebounds. Sean Kilpatrick was a little more aggressive on the offensive end in the first half than he has been, particularly compared to his last outing where he didn't force a thing. But the star of the game was once again Cashmere Wright who once again ran shit like a boss, pardon my French. 14 points, 7 assists, 1 turnover. Some love also has to go to Ge'Lawn Guyn and Jeremiah Davis who both had career nights. It remains to be seen what this offense will do in the Big East, as the opposition has been dreadful and hasn't even begun to provide an actual test for the Bearcats because they have been soooooo much more talented. But hopefully these games are giving the young guns the two things they need most heading into the Big East. Experience and confidence. Next Thursday the Okalhoma Sooners are on the docket, and this Sooners team is going to give this new style a very big test.