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Fashion Break! Cincinnati Bearcats Getting Preferential Treatment


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One of the longest simmering uniform related rumors for the Bearcats has been the Matte Black helmet, whos coming has been predicted since the first images starting popping up online last winter. Then the helmet went national. Rumors were that UC would break it out for the N.C. State game. UC did make a fashion statement that game. It was just of the gloved variety. Now it seems likely that the Matte Black Helmet is going to making its first appearance. This pic courtesy of Tommy G


The locals are enthused. Not to be outdone by his media guy Butch Jones tweeted this pic of the cleats the Bearcats skill players will be wearing Saturday. These are brand new from Adidas and to my knowledge haven't been worn at the college level yet, though Notre Dame probably will wear a less flashy version tomorrow or whenever their bowl is.


I like the Matte helmet, always have, but I was never a fan of the ghosted logo. The cleats suggest to me that the logo on the helmet will be the usual C-Paw, and it will surely look great. Rumors abound that the Bearcats have gotten some uniform alterations to go with everything else. But so far nothing is official, but stay tuned. What do you think of the helmets and cleats?