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Zach Collaros To Start Liberty Bowl For The Cincinnati Bearcats

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In a move that is surprising to exactly no people Butch Jones has named Zach Collaros the starting QB for the Cincinnati Bearcats Liberty Bowl game against the Vanderbilt Commodores from the SEC. This announcement came at the conclusion of today's preparations on the campus of the University of Memphis.

Collaros has made a remarkable recovery from breaking his ankle in the first half of the West Virginia game. In a little over 8 weeks he has managed to rehab himself to the point where playing a game of Football is even physically possible.

One angle of this story that has been overplayed a bit, at least on twitter, is that Zachs return to full fitness, or probably more accurately workable fitness, is that Vanderbilt has spent loads of time working on the assumption that Munchie Legaux will be the starter. Therefore the Dores will be ill prepared to take on the more balanced Collaros vintage Bearcat offense. In a word that's bullocks (as the British say) It was assumed as long as two weeks ago that Zach would be the starter. That's right at the beginning of Vanderbilts bowl preparations. It's safe to assume that James Franklin being a smart guy, and therefore not an idiot, has been preparing for this eventuality since he starting scouting UC.

All that being said having Zach back is obviously a plus, and will surely swing the line a bit in UC's favor, even though I expect quite a rough first quarter or so from the Bearcats offense.

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