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Butch Jones Turns Down Illinois Job; Expected To Interview With North Carolina

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According to numerous reports in the last hour originating from Bearcat Lair and subsequently spreading from other places on this, part II of Bloody Sunday with Butch Jones has turned down the offer to take the Head Coaching Job at the University of Illinois. This is not a surprise in the least, I always felt that the odds of him landing at Illinois were low. I can't imagine that anyone who got out of the clutches of Mike Thomas would willingly go work for that clown again.

In other Butch Jones news it is expected that Jones will interview for the recently vacated North Carolina job, probably in the next week, though I have nothing to back that up other than basic common sense. Of the open jobs this off season North Carolina is probably the best on offer. But the NCAA train is coming and while UNC certainly has the money to entice someone to take on that mess, I don't anticipate Butch taking on that mess.