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Bearcats Battle and Fall Short Against Kemba Walker, UConn

This one is though. All losses are tough, it is the eternal nature of sports. I was going to try to get all retrospective right here. But I can't do it, I can do snark and I can do analysis on short notice but perspective? That is a bridge too far for me in most circumstances so I will let the long picture go for the moment. Unfortunately there will be plenty of time to go over the details of this team and this season between now and the start of Football Season in late summer. For now I just want to express just how much pride I have in this team, in this program and most of all in Mick Cronin. Cronin took this job not knowing just how desperate things actually were and just how unyielding this fan base could be. He has patiently and methodically built this program back, not to where it was before he got here. It is not there just yet, but it is back in position where the previous heights are not only visible, but have moved very much into the realm of the possible. And it has been done the right way, building from the bottom up. This Senior class hasn't set many, if any records, their win loss percentage is likely one of the worst for a 4 year class in two decades. But it is a group that will always be remembered by Bearcat fans for restarting the program and giving it some inertia for the future. That is a contribution that can't be forgotten, and won't be forgotten by the people like me and you. That's all I got for now.

I am going to run an open thread in the afternoon for tomorrows games, stop by if you want to. If you want to drink, I get it but still stop by, it could provide some comedic fodder for the rest of us.