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Cincinnati Handles Marquette 67-60

This is going to be brief because frankly there isn't much to say about this game. UC came to play today and they took care of business. The Bearcats didn't really put the Golden Eagles to bed until deep in the second half. But the control of the game and its outcome was in the hands of UC from about the 17 minute mark in the second half onward. In short this is the type of effort and game that defines this program at the moment and these players. It was tough, it was hard nosed and yes it was painful to watch at times, but that is this team. That's how they play and that's how they win, by grinding people into submission. So with the Tourney bid a lock people can calm down and relax. Enjoy Senior Day, pack Fifth Third to the rafters. Show Ibrahima Thomas, Rashad Bishop, Larry Davis, Biggie McClain, Darnell Wilks and Eddie Tyree how much you appreciate the work that they have put in during the down years to get this program back into the dance where it belongs. It is the least that we can do.