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2011 NFL Draft: Jason Kelce

I intended to write this post yesterday morning. But the internet was down and then I had to go to Cleveland to help my cousin move into his new place. As such I couldn't do much with this Jason Kelce post. This is clearly a day late and a dollar short because the Philadelphia Eagles selected Kelce in the 6th round of the 2011 NFL draft. But I am nothing if not stupid so lets go ahead with the draft preview material after the draft.


Height Weight 225 Reps 40 Time 3-Cone Shuttle Time Broad Jump Vertical
6'2.5" 280 N/A 4.89 7.22 4.14 9'2" 30.5

The story is well know to all Bearcat fans at this point. Kelce came to UC as a walk on in 2006 playing linebacker. He took a red shirt in 2006 to work on his body. When Brian Kelly took the job he wanted lighter, quicker, more athletic offensive linemen and Kelce was a perfect fit. He moved to offensive line and the rest is history. Given his back story it isn't a shock that Kelce was one of the most athletic linemen at the combine.


This is where evaluating offensive linemen takes a turn for the worse. Generally individual offensive linemen don't generate stats, not at the college level. There are simply too many participants to accurately track the impact of a singular offensive lineman. Basically all that there is to go off of are the all conference teams that are voted on by all media members and the team wide production in areas like rushing yards, TFL's allowed, sacks allowed and yards per play. Kelce was part of the best offensive line in recent memory in 2009 and then one of the worst in 2010 based on these team metrics. However In terms of individual recognition Kelce is in good company as he was All Big East two straight years at two different positions, Guard in 2009 and as a Center in 2010.

Scouting Report

Jason Kelce is a hyper athletic offensive lineman. He does not have a massive frame, right now he weighs below 300 pounds which is well below average for an offensive lineman in the NFL. What he might lack in terms of brute strength he makes up for with aggression and good technique. In a zone blocking scheme he should excel and can be a serviceable starter down the line.


Again, offensive linemen don't generate tons of highlights but still, better than nothing.

And then there is this, just a bit of a fun.