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May 5th Jump Off

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Bearcat News

Spring breakout players: Cincinnati - Big East Blog - ESPN
hard to really argue with any of these selections really. But I am up in the air about the Camerron Cheatham pick. I am not entirely sure that he is going to be a starter this year.

Radio change: Hoard takes over on play-by-play | Bengals Blog
Dan Hoard is taking a new job...

Dan Hoard will still do UC games | UC Athletics Blog
...But keeping his old one as well. This is good news. Also Dan Hoard will now be the busiest man in the Tri State area. Fact. College Football - Best of both: BCS era combined standings
UC checking in at 28.

Wright State Defeats Bearcats Late - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
The Bearcats Baseball team goes down yet again to a non conference foe.

Biz Markie; And Other Things That Happen In Eight-Hour Baseball Games
Tangentially UC related with the Youk connection. Still I didn't think it could be even remotely possible to inject Kevin Youkilis's name into a song but the Red Sox fans managed just that last night.

Around The Big East

PAC 12 Media Deal Leaves Big East in Limbo - Big East Coast Bias
A very through look at how the developments in the PAC 12 and their quest for a gigantic payday could affect the Big East's bid to do the same.

Pac-12 TV Deal: What's Left For The Big East? - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician
I know this was coming, and intrinsically I suppose that I knew what that would mean for the Big East in terms of being shackled with bad airtime's. But I just want a new deal pronto. It makes sense to take it to market.

Jamal Coombs-McSeeYaLater: UConn sophomore to transfer - The UConn Blog
Well, they still have Jeremy Lamb

EXPANSIONAPALOOZA 2010™ and Four-Year F/+ Averages - Football Study Hall
There is a lot here but the basic message is that the Big East came out alright in the expansion wars. To the shock and consternation of millions.

Kentucky Derby post positions and morning line odds - Card Chronicle
Derby Week

Nationally Recognized


Cripes! Get back to fundamentals...: Proceed With Caution
A week late and a bit long but worth your time.

Reading This Will Make You Smarter

Colonel Albert Bachmann - Telegraph
How interesting could the life a Swiss spy possibly be? What with their neutrality and disdain for the affairs of all that surrounds them. Well, as it turns out, it could be very interesting.