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June 21st Jump Off

Remember to submit your choices for the Down the Drive Ring of Honor! You can submit up to 3 players who you think should join the Bearcats elite. You have until July 10th to submit your nominees.

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Bearcat News

Heart of the City: Cincinnati - Big East Blog - ESPN
There is a lot to like about the University of Cincinnati versus one of its main competitors in the city like the Bengals. The Bearcats actively attempt to engage their fans, put in thousands of hours of volunteer work in the community, put a very competitive product on the field, and generally at least give a shit about their performance on the field/court. The Bengals, at least from an organizational standpoint, fail on all of those accounts. An NFL lockout next season would be the best thing for the University of Cincinnati, and don't get me started on of Mike Brown moves the Bengals to Los Angeles. How awesome would it be to play at Paul Brown Stadium (or whatever its new name would be) for Bearcat games under University of Cincinnati management?

Women's Basketball Names Swinson Assistant Coach - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
Good news on the UC women's basketball front, former Tulsa assistant coach Aaron Swinson will join Jamelle Elliott's staff beginning next season. He was very close in coaching Larrissa Williams, one of the best players in Conference USA. This experience will be extremely important in guiding the Bearcats who will be one of the youngest teams in the Big East next season.


Freshmen make public debut
Ryan Pence analyzes the debut of most of UC's incoming freshman from the Deveroes Summer League. Overall the most put together, Big East ready freshman was Ge'Lawn Guyn. This is great news to hear because of the huge concerns around Cash's knee. Cash is the leader of the offense, but he is limited by that nagging injury. The way to keep him playing at 100% is by spelling him with another player. The sample size is small, but Guyn looks to be the guy to step into that role. He is well built, has long arms, plays terrific defense (which will earn him playing time in Mick Cronin's system), and handles the ball very well. At least for the moment it looks like that is one question that has been answered going into next season.

Around the BEast

Big East title chances: Pittsburgh - Big East Blog - ESPN
I'm going to be honest with you. I have no clue where Pitt will finish in the Big East next season. On one hand, you have Todd Graham and his explosive offense, tons of talent at Pitt, and QB Tino Sunseri who I think can play better in the spread than the pro-style attack of Da Stache. On the other hand, I simply can't trust Graham's defense, regardless of talent, and transitioning a team from the pro-style system to the spread can be very difficult. I don't think Pitt will finish dead last in 2011, but they won't win the Big East, either. So yea, I have them finishing anywhere from 2nd to 7th. Sorry for being useless.

Big East received more $ from hoops than BCS -
I've said it before that the Big East's most important asset is it's basketball teams. This article is a great example to backup my claim when the conference netted almost $25 million from the NCAA tournament alone last season and only drawing about $21 million from BCS football revenue. It helps that the league got 11 teams into the Big Dance when each teams gets about $240,000 for each round they play in. Also, having UConn with the national championship helps a little, too.

Athlon's 2011 Big East Predictions | AthlonSports
This guy has West Virginia winning the Big East next season, followed by USF, Pitt, Syracuse, Cincy, UConn, Rutgers, and Louisville. I can't argue with his league champ- WVU looks to be the front runner next season. But it's interesting the kind of parity he sees in the Big East next season. Every team after WVU are separated by just 3 games. I can definitely see that next season as there are a lot of new coaches in the league and each team is generally going to be equally improved from 2010.

Around the Nation

Ohio State's Top Compliance Person Drives Courtesy Car | WBNS-10TV, Central Ohio News
If you thought that O$U 'student' (generous term) athletes were the only ones receiving benefits around Columbus, you thought wrong. At least according to this investigative article. Supposedly O$U's director of NCAA compliance Doug Archie is driving around in a car he didn't pay for nor is issued through his contract. True or not, it's this kind of stuff that the NCAA is piling up against the university.

Japanese Scientists Create Meat From Poop -
For those of traveling to Japan any time soon, you might want to go vegetarian during your trip. I can see the reasoning behind wanting to do this- The small island's waste treatment facilities are literally filled to the brim. But if you knew where your steak or hamburger was coming from at a restaurant in Japan, would you really eat it no matter how good it looked? Japan used to be known for having the highest quality beef in the world (Kobe). Now it appears as if they was to throw that reputation down the crapper (PUN INTENDED!)