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Cincinnati Bearcats Cornerback Deven Drane Will Start Austin Peay Game


Today was the weekly Big East coaches conference call. It is usually just a grand exercise used by the coaches to polish up on their Coach Speak. Obviously Butch Jones, being a master of coach speak, doesn't give up the game very often. But occasionally he lets some actual news see the light of day. Today was one of those days. Jones announced that Deven Drane will start Saturday's contest with the Govenours of Austin Peay. Those who have watched things closely will note that Drane was always exceedingly likely to start. He pulled ahead of Battle during camp. Other notes

  • Jones likes the way his linebackers have performed in camp
  • The word progress was used no fewer than a dozen times
  • Dave Johnson is officially announced as joining the staff. Johnson was previously at West Virginia.
  • Will play 8 true freshman Saturday night.
  • Jones does an excellent Lou Holtz impression in talking about the Governors
  • Mentions the benefits of starting out the season at home
  • Also Bill Koch asks lots of really stupid questions that have nothing to do with this season, as you would expect.

Listen to the entire teleconference here.