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Cincinnati Bearcats 59 Akron Zips 14

This was the kind of performance I expected from this UC team. The Bearcats are just way better Akron so the result is not even the least bit surprising. The starters played a half and so completely and so thoroughly dominated the proceedings that the outcome was never in doubt. I liked the performance, and I liked the excecution from the starters. And it is hard to really be discouraged about forcing 6 turnovers in a game and turning in three defensive TDS in 30 minutes of play. But there are still some things I saw that I didn't like.

  • UC needs more from Walter Stewart and Dan Giordano in terms of the pass rush
  • The run fits against the Zips run game was terrible.
  • Jawon Chisholm ran for 133 yards for the Zips exploiting a defense that wasn't gap sound
  • The offensive line tips plays. No other word for it. Later today or tomorrow on what exactly they show and why its colossally stupid to allow the practice to continue

That is all for now. Go Bearcats