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University of Cincinnati Announces NCAA Violations

The violations occurred in the Women's Basketball and Football teams. There were was a major violation for the Women's Basketball team and secondary violations for both the Lady Bearcats and the Football team. Here are the money quotes from the UC Statement.

"The NCAA today has released a report from its Committee on Infractions that detailed violations involving impermissible recruiting phone calls made by coaching staff members here at UC – violations that UC self-discovered and self-reported to the NCAA as soon as they came to light due to the diligence of our athletics compliance department," said UC President Dr. Gregory H. Williams.


UC’s compliance staff found records of the impermissible phone calls during the regular audit of phone records. Immediately following the discovery, UC made a report to the NCAA and a women’s basketball assistant coach was terminated. UC worked closely with the Committee on Infractions and was complimented for its cooperation in the case.

It sounds like UC has beat themselves most profusely before the almighty God of rampantly corrupt intercollegiate athletics and that will be that. This could be very important if UC should commit further NCAA violations. For now it is  pretty much done and buried.