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Cincinnati Bearcats 72 Austin Peay 10: Boxscorin

I just said that there was nothing that could really be taken out of this game going forward. That is more or less true. But that doesn't mean that I can't peruse the boxscore for golden nuggets of information and statistical insight.

  • Last night was the highest run/pass ratio since the Mark Dantonio era. UC ran 49 times and threw just 22 times that's a run ratio of .69 which is you know, kind of high for a team that is obstensibly a pass first bunch.
  • All those rushing attempts yielded and appropriately high total of rushing yards, 387 of them. For those, like me, who are not elite level mathletes that tots up to 7.9 yards per carry with 6 TD's
  • Oh for the record that 387 yards is the 9th highest single game total in UC history.
  • As we all know the major factor in last years struggles was the turnover margin. Taking care of the Football and forcing turnovers was something that was brought up daily in media sessions. And it was something that was drilled into the head of each and every Bearcat throughout camp. The result of all that harping? A +5 turnover margin tonight, which is the highest single game turnover margin since the 2007 USF game.
  • The first team defense got 7 series of action on the night. The defensive numbers for that period of time 49 yards rushing allowed on 18 carries, 57 yards passing, 8 of 13, 1 INT. That's 3.2 yards per play plus they forced two turnovers, the pick and a fumble recovery.
  • Isaiah Pead had 8 touches for 97 yards and two TD's.
  • Zach Collaros went 12 of 19 for 134 yards and 4 TD's, no picks.
  • Alex Chisum, Shaq Washington, Ralph Abernathy IV, Akise Teague and Jameel Poteat all got their first touch of the ball as Bearcats. Teague is the only Freshman to hit paydirt to date.