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Cincinnati Bearcats At Miami Redhawks: Five Points

With these five points the Bearcats lock up the world, or at the very least the game.

Scramble Drill

Going into Tomorrows game there are always assumptions to be made based on current form, past performance ect. For UC the assumption will be that Derek Wolfe, John Hughes and Co. will dominate the line of scrimmage. Not only in the running game (Miami is 118th in yards, 119th in YPC) but in the passing game as well (10 sacks allowed). UC is most likely going to dominate at the point of attack, but ironically that could work against the defense.

Since the Tennessee game the secondary has more or less cleaned up their act. Less missed assignments, fewer busts in coverage ect. That is not to say that there haven't been issues. But the soundness of the group in totality is getting better game by game. Except in one area. The UC DB's (read safeties) have issues with scrambling QB's. N.C. States second TD came on a coverage bust (guess who? actually you are wrong it was Wes Richardson) when Mike Glennon broke the pocket, everyone in the secondary had eyes only for Glennon and T.J. Graham broke open for an easy 50 something yard TD. Zac Dysert has a similar ability to scramble and will probably be doing a lot of it come Saturday. It is imperative for the DB's to stay deep as the deepest because Nick Harwell is a legit threat. Through two games he has 301 yards, UC can't give up the kind of big momentum changing plays that give the Redhawks life.

Isaiah Pead

iPead is coming of his most complete game in a UC uniform. He had 30 touches of the ball against N.C. State and responded with near as makes no difference 200 yards of total offense. This isn't the kind of game where he will be playing long enough to get 30 touches. But the staff should aim for him to get 15 by halftime. Keep in mind that this Miami defense is more or less the same one that surrendered 197 yards in a half to Pead last year.

Kenbrell Thompkins

I am still waiting for that game where Kenbrell will just explode. He had his best game in Red and Black against N.C. State. But we have still yet to see his full array of talents on display in a game. He has shown flashes of everything, but he hasn't put it all together in a single game. Statistically Miami has a good secondary. They are 12th nationally in passing yards allowed, and they do have a couple of good corners in Dayonne Nunley and Demetrius  Quarles. But Nunley will most likely be on D.J. Woods leaving the 5'8" 147 pound Quarles matched with the 6'1"196 Thompkins. That is a match up that should favor Thompkins in a big way. 

End The Game Early

UC has the deeper and more talented team. UC is playing with a confidence and a swagger that kind of defined the 08 and 09 teams. Particularly the 09 group which took the field and won a lot of games before the first half was even over. Tomorrow is a great opportunity to put on a show and wrap up the game a halftime. If Miami goes to the locker room at halftime within striking distance the second half could get very, very interesting. Ideally UC puts 35 or so points on the board at half.

The Young Bucks

It hasn't been getting a ton of attention among the fans or in the media. But quite a few members of last years freshman class have begun to work their way into the rotation. Jameel Poteat is currently second on the team in rushing with 103 yards. Alex Chisum is breaking into the WR rotation along with Shaq Washington. Nick Temple became the first member of his class to start a game against N.C. State. The Miami game should be a great opportunity to get these young guys some run heading into Big East play.