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Signing Day Nears For The Cincinnati Bearcats; This Is The Least You Should Know

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If you find the fervor that surrounds national signing day, of any sport, but doubly so for Football you should probably stop right here. I don't judge you for your lifestyle choice. It's your decision and leaving is cool. I'll see you the next time out...

...Moving on. With the qualifying statement out of the way. We can move on.

I probably don't need to tell you this, (since you passed the rigorous battery of questions and are thus deemed to have some interest in this) but the class of 2012 is already regarded as one of the best, if not the best, assemblage of talent in the history of Cincinnati Bearcats Football.

You might be asking the question why is that the case?

It really comes down to a simple fact. Of the 32 prospects currently committed to the Bearcats 20 of them chose to come to UC over offers from other BCS schools. Caleb Stacey and DeShawn Dowdy even defected from BCS schools to come to UC (MIchigan and Maryland respectfully). That is a big upgrade when compared to fighting with Miami and the rest of the MAC for scraps from the Big 10 table which is how the Bearcats used to eat.

32 commitments? Isn't there some sort of rule about that?

As it happens you are right, there is a rule against that(#6). As it so happens UC and Butch Jones could be walking a very dangerous line here. But it is still to early to declare anything with definitive purpose.

32 is more than 25, how can that work.

It can work because 9* of the players committed to the Bearcats are already on campus and enrolled in classes. As such they don't count in the 25 man rule.So for the purposes of the NCAA the Bearcats aren't in danger, at least on the 25 man front

*The Nine are Bennie Coney, Deionte Buckley, Josh Posley, Jonathan Burt, Trenton Norvell, DeShawn Dowdy, Marcus Foster, Kevin Brown, and Errol Clarke

So they could take even more guys?

In theory there is room.

But who would they take?

Most of the news on this particular front has centered on a few guys. Monty Madaris A Wide Receiver from Moeller is down to three schools, with UC being one of them. Another possibility is Eric Kinnsey a Defensive End from Northwestern in Miami Florida. The last name is Sheldon Dawson a corner back from Ridgeway in Memphis.

Of the three I feel the only one who is a probable Bearcat is Kinsey.

Anyone committed who is not going to sign?

There are a couple of possibilities. One is Lester Liston, a linebacker from Michigan who seems headed for Junior College because of grades. Another is Vinny Miller from Lexington who didn't play his senior year for reasons I can't find on the internet and seems to have dropped from the face of the earth. And lastly Ti'on Green has looked around and has taken some visits. He is currently listed as a soft commit and may or may not sign with the Bearcats.

Will there be any surprises between now and next Wendsday?

Of course, but I don't have a clue what they could be.