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Cincinnati Bearcats Recruiting Signing Day Eve Oversigning Update.

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Back in December the issue of over signing was breached the the Bearcats. I had this to say on the matter.

The problem isn't with the 25 part of the rule, its going to be with getting to 85. If everything holds to form between now and signing day (a big, big if) Butch Jones and co are going to have to find 7 extra scholarships somewhere in the roster. Attrition in and of itself is a natural thing. Players leave programs frequently, for any number of reasons. Some transfer to get on the field, some quit because their body breaks down and some guys just quit. But having 7 scholarships open up of natural causes isn't exactly common.

Fast forward 6 weeks and the issue still looms in the vague shapeless void that is the off season in college Football.

Most of the recruiting services have the Bearcats in the neighborhood of 30 commitments. Rivals lists 32, Scout 32, 24/7 30 and ESPN 32. Commitments only matter if the kid signs on the dotted line. So on this, Signing Day Eve, lets take a look at those who might not sign on the dotted line.

John Law

John Law was one of the Bearcats first linebacker commitments in this class. OK so he was the third. He is also not going to be anywhere near Clifton in the future . Law and UC parted ways in late December. Law committed to Tennessee Chattanooga and has since reversed field and is heading to Appalachian State.

Lester Liston

Liston is another linebacker who has been committed to the Bearcats for a while. Since August in fact. But there have long been questions whether or not Liston would qualify academically. As it turns out he won't and is most likely heading to a Junior College.

Vinny Miller

Miller is a Athlete from Lexington. He chose to sit out his Senior season at Henry Clay high school. Because of that I highly doubt that he has an offer to sign to at this point. Most scholarship offers are conditional upon a number of criteria. Academic performance, injury, off field incidents etc. Schools also have the ability to opt out of the offer at any point for any reason. I would be shocked if the opt out wasn't used on Miller's offer.


By my math the Bearcats will have 20 commitments sign tomorrow. If Eric Kinsey signs it will make 21. If that happens the Bearcats will be under the 25 man limit because of the 9 early enrollees. But there will have to be some seriously creative accounting to get under the 85 man limit.